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THE REFERENCE POINT by Dr. Faith Fredrick

On day six of the ill-fated mission of Apollo 13, the astronauts needed to make a critical course of correction. If they failed, they might never return to Earth. To conserve power, they shut down the on-board computer that directed the spacecraft. However, the astronauts needed to conduct a 39-second burn of the main engines. The question was, how would they steer? Astronaut Jim Lovell determined that if they could keep a fixed point in view through their small window, they could steer the craft manually. That focal point turned out to be their destination – Earth.

As recorded in the 1995 hit movies Apollo 13, for 39 agonizing seconds, Lovell focused on keeping the earth in view. By not losing sight of that reference point, the three astronauts avoided disaster.

Psalm 147:15 expresses, “He sends out His command to the earth; His word runs very swiftly.”In the Hebrew, “word” issdabar, meanings“a saying or an answer.” In times of indecision and danger, we must focus on the Word of God as our reference point.

Missionary Amy Carmichael stated,“ Once when I was climbing at night in the forest, I learned the meaning of God’s Word being a ‘lamp unto my feet.’ I had a lantern, and I had to hold it very low, or I should certainly have slipped on the rough rocks. We don’t walk spiritually by electric light, but by a hand lantern. And a lantern shows only the next step – not several ahead.”

From Dr. Faith C. Fredrick, President of Faith Christian University Do you know what your “reference point is?” What do you have in your life that brings balance and provides an anchor where you can always return and brings you security, safety and inspiration? If you don’t have that in your life I encourage you to contact Faith Christian University. Knowing and acting on the word of God will provide “your point of reference.”

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