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FCU Alumni Association

For years, FCU has experienced consistent growth and development, and has always sought new and innovative ways to broaden the scope of effectiveness in teaching the Word of God to the masses. To further this vision and to foster growth with sustainability for FCU, as well as build a strong community, the Alumni Association was established in 2015.

Faith Christian University is proud to have educated, empowered, and equipped men and women for their call to ministry and God’s service to the best of their capacity.

The FCU Alumni Association is an independent, worldwide organization whose membership is comprised of all FCU Students & Graduates. Our goal is to nurture lifelong relationships with and among all current students, graduates, and future FCU alumni.

Our Alumni Association Events

FCU Alumni Association hosts numerous events throughout the year.These gatherings provide the ideal opportunities for fellowship and networking among the alumni.  Alumni can also serve, network, and embrace opportunities at our Fellowship of Christian Ministers Luncheon held a few times each year.

Reward and Recognition

We recognize the achievements and service of FCU alumni. Honored graduates are the ones who exemplify faithfulness to Christ, perseverance in service, and contribution to advance the work(s) of God. They are nominated by their peers, and the Alumni Board of Directors considers and approves the awards. FCU alumni are encouraged to nominate individuals they feel are deserving of recognition in areas of service or ministry.

Alumni Benefits
  • Connect with a community of like-minded, faith-filled believers who share the experience of FCU

  • A network of relationships to add value and significance to your life and ministry

  • Active support with the FCU staff and other members

  • 20% discount in the FCU bookstore and events

  • Audit one class free per year (AA or above to be eligible)

Connect & Join

To join the FCU Alumni Association an annual fee of only $25.00 will be required. This is a token fee to simply show commitment to the vision and the support of FCU. These funds will be used to sponsor events for the association. Enroll now! You won’t need to renew your membership until January 2022.

Alumni Benefits
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Alumni Commitment

We are committed to providing our students with an exceptional learning experience and an environment in which they are able to grow academically and spiritually. We have been able to provide this high standard of quality in education thanks to our partners, alumni, and well-wishers. 

FCU Alumni value the contribution of FCU, both personally and in ministry, and become an ambassador of goodwill and recommendation for FCU. We exhort you to always be actively engaged in advancing the work of ministry and maintain a personal commitment to integrity, unity, and service. We invite all alumni to attend FCU events, such as graduations, ministry luncheons, and other alumni events. We also encourage each alumni member to participate in outreach ministry and missions whenever possible, all to the glory of God.

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