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 FAQ’S :

Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Is FCU affiliated with a specific denomination?

A: Faith Christian University is not officially connected to a specific denomination or church. All who profess a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and have a hunger for word of God and a desire to follow Him are welcome.


Q: Is FCU accredited

A: Faith Christian University is a nonprofit religious corporation chartered by the State of Florida and authorized by The Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities as a registered degree granting institution under Section 246.083 of the Florida statues. FCU is accredited through TransWorld Accrediting Commission International (TACI), Riverside, CA.  The degree programs of this University are designed solely for religious vocations.  


Q: What is the schedule?

A:  FCU does not have a traditional semester calendar schedule. Our schedule is designed to accommodate ‘working adults’ who are busily engaged in family, work and church commitments. Classes are offered individually and each class includes 12 hours of lecture, required reading and exams, plus other learning resources. The Main Campus and the Satellite Campuses offer classes one time per week and each class is four weeks. Online students set their own schedule and have accessibility to their class 24/7. 


Q: What is the cost? 

A: Tuition ranges from $67.00-$83.00 per credit hour.  All students can take advantage of an interest free pay-as-you-go plan or receive a sizeable discount for full payment. Financial Aid is not available, however, the tuition cost at FCU is far below the cost of institutions that offer Financial Aid.  Feel free to call FCU at 407-283-9477 or make an appointment to speak to a FCU Staff member. (LINK)?


Q: How do I enroll?



Q: Who are the instructors?

A: All instructors are anointed Bible teachers who bring many years of teaching, pastoral and life experience.  Full time instructors are required to have a minimum of a Bachelor degree and most have Master’s and Doctoral Degrees.  Instructors write and develop their own curriculum, filled with conviction, inspiration and revelation. For a sample of teaching click here:  (link to the video of a teachers)


Q: Does FCU accept prior college credits?

A: Students will need to request transcript(s) from the institution(s) they wish to transfer credits.     Transcript Form (LINK) Once transcript(s) arrive at the FCU office a formal assessment will be conducted and the student will be notified as to the result. All assessments are deemed confidential and are done on an individual basis. Also, it is recommended that all students complete the FREE ACADEMIC EVALUATION.  


Q: Does FCU give credit for ministry experience?

A:  Consideration is given towards ministerial experience credit to qualified individuals. To apply for ministry experience the first step is to complete the FREE ACADEMIC EVALUATION form. 


Q: How do I become a student at FCU?

A. Fill out the FCU Application pay the application fee of $50.00. Once received at the admissions office it will be reviewed and an acceptance email will be sent out. Also, students can continue to pursue the registration process by completing the FREE ACADEMIC EVALUATION form.  


Q: What are the degrees that FCU offers?

A:  Go to Academic Programs for full information of the Undergraduate , Graduate and Post-Graduate Programs.  For a FREE Academic Evaluation click here: FREE ACADEMIC EVALUATION


Q: Does FCU offer a graduate degree program?

A: Yes, FCU offers both the Masters and Doctoral level studies. Master’s Degree Programs 

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