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Our Mission Statement

It is our mission to deliver exceptional, innovative and fresh academic programs that remain true to the Word of God, and to develop you for your ministry call, which is the belief in God, and His only begotten son, Jesus Christ. Whether you are looking to build a firm foundation for your personal life, or you seek to equip yourself with the tools that will be useful for ministry, at FCU you'll find in-depth, enlightening and affordable ministry degrees that are both practical and relevant to our times.

About Dr. Faith Fredrick

Dr. Faith is a leader and visionary who continues to lead the FCU vision. She is a certified JOHN MAXWELL TEAM MEMBER, offering leadership training, seminars, and keynote speaking at our campus.

About Faith Christian University


What began as a modest Bible institute in 1995 in Orlando, Florida by Drs. Bud and Faith Fredrick, has continued offering students quality higher education that revolves around the teachings of the Gospel. As more like-minded teachers in theology joined our cause, the institution affiliated with a leading Christian University and grew to become an extension campus and soon after to become Faith Christian University. We are proud of our dedicated teachers who contributed to the quick expansion that FCU has been successful in achieving within a relatively short period of time.
At our university campus, students will have the opportunity to choose between our Bible and Theology, Ministry, Christian Counseling and the Christian Leadership programs, all of which have been designed to deliver exceptional education based on the principles of the Gospel. Through all the programs we offer, Faith Christian University has made it possible for people of all ages to learn how to live a theologically balanced and spiritually charged life, while still playing an important role in their households, communities, countries and indeed, the world.

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Affiliations, Memberships & Credentials

Faith Christian University, Orlando, Florida is the educational division of Faith Teaching Center International, Inc., a non-profit religious corporation incorporated in the State of Florida. FCU is a faith-based degree-granting institution in compliance with Florida Statutes as a religious exempt institution and is recognized by the State of Florida Department of Education – Commission for Independent Education as a religious institution.

FCU offers educational programs that prepare students for religious vocations as ministers, professionals, or laypersons in the categories of ministry, counseling, theology,  Christian education and leadership.

The institution’s transferability of credits policy affirms that (1) it only accepts “institutions” course credits that meet the criteria in s. 1005.06(1)(f), F.S.; (2) it makes no guarantee of transferability of its credits; and (3) it encourages potential and enrolled students to review future transfer opportunities.


Transworld Accrediting Commission International


Faith Christian University is a member of Transworld Accrediting Commission International (TACI). TACI is a professional, non-profit educational organization whose philosophy is to demonstrate accountability to the consuming public for education obtained in non-traditional evangelical educational institutions. TACI provide consultation services that enable educational institutions to meet accepted standards of performance. Transworld Accrediting Commission International is not recognized by the United States Department of Education.

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