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Faith Christian University will prepare you for an effective, theologically balanced, and spiritually-charged ministry, while earning an Associate, Bachelor, Master's, or Doctoral degree. Each program is designed to meet each person’s spiritual and academic goals, from the new believer to the full-time minister.

Associate Degree
Study Group
Associate Degree Program

Degree Programs Available

  • Associate of Bible and Theology


Requirement: 60 Credit hours with a minimum 30 credit hours in Bible and Theology


Associate Degree Tuition

  •   Each 30 credit hours/10 Courses = $3000.00  ($300 per course)

  •   Payment plan available. Call 407-382-9477 for information.

  •  Available Online - Set your own pace. 

Bachelor Degree
Bachelor Degree Program


  • Bachelor of Bible and Theology

  • Bachelor of Pastoral Leadership

  • Bachelor of Christian Counseling


Requirement: 120 credit hours with a minimum 60 credit hours in Bible and Theology

Associate Degree Tuition

  •   Each 30 credit hours/10 Courses = $3000.00  ($300 per course)

  •   Payment plan available. Call 407-382-9477 for information.

  •  Available Online - Set your own pace. 

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Masters Degree
College Student Studying
Master's Degree Program

The Master's Degree Program is a 45-credit program, including 10 courses, a thesis, and an internship corresponding with the student’s major.



  • Masters of Bible and Theology

  • Masters of Pastoral Leadership

  • Masters of Christian Counseling


Prerequisite: A Bachelor's Degree with a minimum of 60 hours in Bible and theology from a 'like' college or university. Applicants with a strong undergraduate program in religion and ministry may petition for advanced standing in the program, which could allow them to qualify for an accelerated study and savings on their tuition.


Master's Degree Tuition

  • Tuition Cost for Master's Degree Program
    call FCU at 407-382-9477.

Doctoral Degree
Doctoral Degree Program

This is a 44-credit program, including 7 courses, an internship, and a dissertation.



  • Doctor of Bible and Theology

  • Doctor of Christian Leadership

Prerequisite: A Master's Degree with a minimum of 60 credits in theology from a 'like' college or university.

Doctoral Tuition

  • Tuition Cost for Doctoral Degree Program:
    call FCU at 407-382-9477.

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Simple & Uplifting . . .

"Being a student at Faith Christian University allowed me to work a 40-hour-per-week job, and still be able to get my degree."

- James Brown
Fast Track

Masters & Doctoral Program for Ministers 

Desiring a degree, but time and money is a factor in delaying that dream?  What if you could achieve that goal in the comfort of your home or office, and find it very affordable?


The FAST TRACK PROGRAM has been developed specifically for pastors and ministers in order to accelerate a Master's or Doctoral degree. Each program is customized for specific ministry callings, and includes Bible and Theology, Ministry, and Leadership.  For a free evaluation of past credits and ministry experience, complete the form ACADEMIC EVALUATION. 


What makes this a FAST TRACK?

FCU will award 10-30 credits to pastors and ministers who have 5-10 years of full-time ministry experience. In addition, you can accelerate your program if you have previous college credits. Even if you have no college credit, you can still be well on your way.


Available 24/7 – Anytime – Anywhere!

As an online student, you are brought directly into the classroom where you will view dynamic, anointed lectures that will greatly inspire you, and bring greater understanding and revelation to a more effective ministry. Course lectures, exams, and other requirements are available on-demand – anytime and anywhere. This program is flexible, accelerated, and affordable!


Students who qualify for the Fast Track Program will receive an exclusive 20% savings.


Full academic and technical support is available throughout the program.

To begin the process, complete the FREE ACADEMIC APPLICATION and include all ministry experience information. Once received at the FCU office, an evaluation will be done, and you will be contacted by a student advisor. 


Your future ministry is worth the investment! Contact us today!

”To be a success at any endeavor in life requires a strong foundation and it’s especially important when it comes to ministry preparedness. That’s why I believe in FCU, as they open the door to quality, anointed, God-inspired education.“

Pastor Stephen Alessi 

Senior Pastor/Founder, Metro Life Church

Fit My Busy Schedule

FCU has helped me achieve a lifetime goal. It has given me the opportunity to further my education, grow in my theological knowledge, and improve my preaching. It took away my excuses, not having enough time or enough money. As a pastor, the Fast Track Program fit perfectly into my already busy schedule. The online option allowed me to view the lectures at my convenience. The textbook reading fit into my personal study time, and the things I learned have naturally found their way into my preaching. My congregation has noticed my new passion. I couldn’t be happier that I earned my Master's Degree with FCU’s Fast Track Program.

- Sammy Pawlak
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Affordable Degrees!

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