• What is the fee to begin?  There is a one-time startup fee of $995.00 which includes all the on-going admin training, technical assistance and support you will need to build and operate a successful, growing campus.

  • What are the administrative responsibilities? All administrative work is completed through the most advanced internet-based College Management system available.  Each campus will have their own designated portal through which the assigned classes are implemented and viewed, registration of students, book orders, exams and all other resources are found.

  • How do I get the class lectures? All classes are accessed through POPULI, the advanced college management system that FCU is partnered with. All that is needed is a wifi and a television and all the courses can be access.

  • Can students use this management system? Yes, students will be issued an ID and Password and begin to explore their own account on their own computer to access their own records, complete course requirements and see their progress plus many other advantages.

  • How long does it take to get a campus up and running? Once the application is approved and the startup fee is paid, training will be scheduled. Applications and registrations can begin immediately and students can begin to explore their own account on their own computer. With 5 registered students class can begin, however, the advantage is students can enroll at the beginning of each new class – thus we have “open enrollment.”

  • What are the requirements to be an Extension Campus? Complete the Extension Campus Application  , pay the administration fee of $995.00 and the training will commence. The pastor or leader will need to select an administrator/director and recruit several staff volunteers to receive the training to insure a successful campus. A classroom, television and necessary wifi with qualified speed. Let me assure you that the FCU staff is well qualified to train, support and walk you through to an amazing campus. Recruiting should begin as soon as possible and once there are 5 registered students – class can commence.


Complete the Extension Campus Application 




For more information call FCU: 407.382.9477 or