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Professional Growth and Training

Move towards the accomplishment of your vision
Designed for those who work and serve in any capacity of business or ministry

Instructors who have quality experience in business and ministry bring a synergy of energy, commitment and excitement to sharpen your business, ministry and personal skills.

A program focused on developing the leader within you and becoming a person of influence

"Effective leaders put themselves in places where they are surrounded by others who are thinking and experiencing more and more." John Maxwell

Get the Competitive Edge You Need to Succeed

A program focused on developing the leader within you and becoming a person of influence.

  • Instructors certified by John Maxwell as a teacher, coach, and trainer bring many years of business and ministry experience.

  • The Leadership Institute consist of 10 courses and can be applied toward a degree at Faith Christian University.

John Maxwell says, “Every time I extended myself, took a risk, and succeeded, followers had another reason to trust my leadership ability – and to listen to what I had to say.” Let me ask, “Are you ready to take a risk to go to a new level of leadership ability and influence?” 

Founded by Leaders for Leaders

Dr. Faith Fredrick is the Founder and President of Faith Christian University, is Certified with the John Maxwell Team and serves as an Executive Director and member of the Presidential Council. Dr Faith has gathered a select group of certified and experienced coaches, trainers, and teachers as instructors in the leadership institute to provide the highest level of relevant leadership instruction.

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