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The Leadership Institute

Developing yourself to become the leader you have the potential to be will change everything for you. It will add to your effectiveness, subtract from your weaknesses, divide your workload, and multiply your impact.


Founded by Leaders for Leaders

A personal word from 

Dr. C. Faith Fredrick, FCU founder:


Leading Faith Christian University was an exciting journey of developing curriculum, creating new programs, and the unique opportunity of utilizing the online technology now available. In 2015 I became aware that it was time for me to increase my effectiveness as a leader so I took part in an intensive leadership program. I knew God ordained this endeavor, not only for me, but in 2017, it became apparent that I needed to develop a dedicated leadership program at Faith Christian University. The first step was to gather a group of like-minded leaders and begin the process. It took 2 years but in 2019 we finalized the curriculum and recorded all the lectures to launch this academic program.

This Leadership Program is designed to shift mindsets, transform lives, and multiply your influence. It includes personal development and active steps to increase your effectiveness. Learn to connect, be more intentional, and go from average to extraordinary. Taught by experienced, educated entrepreneurs, ministers and business leaders who are passionate about influencing and impacting the lives of others.

It's Time To Lead!

  •  Ten courses that will transform your life, personally and spiritually, focusing on personal growth and leadership development. 

  • Exciting and very motivating lectures recorded LIVE at the FCU Main Campus.

  • OPEN ENROLLMENT - Begin today!

  • Set your own schedule - available 24/7

  • A 30 credit hour online program with full technical support. 

  • Instructors are men and women with years of leadership experience in business and ministry. 

  • Transfer Qualifying credits toward degree program.

  • Payment plan available.

  • Call 407-382-9477 and speak to a FCU Staff Member.

The Leadership Institute Program Courses

Leadership Development 101

Personal growth and leadership development is the foundation of The Leadership Institute. This course is inspiring, encouraging, and life-changing. Students will strengthen their purpose and move toward their potential.


The Intentional Leader      

This course focuses on skills and processes to be an intentional leader who understands how to think, strategize, and plan according to the giftings and purpose, both personally and for those around them.


Abundant Leadership         

Why do some leaders never seem to move into the arena of real success? It seems so close, yet so far away. This course will focus on "discovering the keys to unlocking the greatness in you.” 


Successful Conflict Resolution

Organizations, churches, ministries, families, and marriages recognize the necessity of strategically avoiding and even managing conflict. Successful Conflict Resolution provides specific mediation skills and tools for successfully preventing, managing, and resolving conflict.


Developing a Leadership Culture          

This course is designed to examine the most critical and impactful components of effective leadership and team dynamics. It is a practical assessment with both sound theory and real-life context. The desired outcome is a clear and comprehensive understanding for the impact that connecting will have on a leader’s ability to optimize the results that are produced by his or her team. Moreover, the course will provide active steps that the student can take to enhance their effectiveness.


Communicating to Connect     

Students will study importance of communication as a leader in all the different capacities we are involved with influencing people. Speaking skills as well as connecting skills will be studied, demonstrated and practiced in order to develop the student to effectively interact with people individually, groups or audiences. The students will learn how important it is to develop one’s skill as a speaker.


Leadership Development 202    

This course is foundational to continue our personal growth and development to becoming an effective and successful leader. It will reveal how to develop the vision, values, influence, and motivation that are trademarks of a successful leader.


Leading with Purpose

Leading with Purpose begins with discovering your own purpose without setting limits. This course will help to define your purpose and set your course through invaluable truths and the principles of God’s Word. By examining the lives and stories of such biblical examples as Joseph, King David, and Jesus and His disciples, the elements of one’s personal destiny will be made more and more evident through the understanding of God’s divine process toward your purpose.


Leadership Challenges

This course will provide a road map for winning by examining the eleven elements that constitute the DNA of learners who succeed even in the face of problems, failures, and losses. Learning is not easy during down times. It takes discipline to do the right thing when something goes wrong. As John Maxwell often points out, experience isn't the best teacher--evaluated experience is.


Transitional Leadership    

Transition and change is a part of life. Whether it is chosen or thrust upon you, change brings both opportunities and turmoil. This class will deal with transition on a personal, professional, and ministry level - both planned and unplanned. The focus for this class will be to provide essential truths from a biblical perspective, as well as practical application, both in the student’s personal life, ministry and wherever God may lead. Included in this class will be understanding God’s divine process in transition as seen in the lives of several biblical examples.


Strategic Planning

Habakkuk 2:2 states, “The Lord answered me, and said, ‘Write the vision, and make it plain upon tablets, that he may run who reads it.’” This course will provide truths and tools for you to execute your God-given vision successfully. Students will be presented with a conceptual framework that details key components on an effective strategic plan, such as prayer, vision, mission, guiding principles, values, goals, and objectives. Biblical strategic thinking and planning is the focus.



“I wholeheartedly confirm and recommend Dr. Fredrick and Faith Christian University as to integrity, reputation, and positive impact on the Body of Christ and this community.” Dr. Claud Bowers, President/CEO SuperChannel, WACX-TV, Orlando, Florida

Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors are experienced Coaches, Trainers, Pastors, and Teachers.


Dr. Faith Fredrick

Founder and president of Faith Christian University. Background in pastoral and evangelistic ministry. Author, musician, speaker, and certified leadership trainer with the John Maxwell Team. Graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center and Doctor of Divinity from Life Christian University.


Dr. Martha Munizzi

Internationally-known singer, songwriter, author, and worship leader. She and her husband, Dan Munizzi, pastor EpicLife Church in Orlando, Florida. She is a certified speaker, life coach, teacher, consultant and trainer with the John Maxwell Team. Doctor of Divinity/Faith Christian University

Dr. David Arnold

Executive Director, Faith Christian University, lead pastor, evangelist at home and abroad, author of over 25 books, articles featured on, reaching over 200 countries and territories.


Dr. Scott George

Served as pastor and community leader, and is the author of several books. Lead Pastor, Pinecastle United Methodist Church. Doctor of Divinity/Faith Christian University


Mr. Steve Bush

Served more than 40 years in key marketing positions and project management responsibilities with several world-recognized companies. He served, for several years, as the Administrative Pastor, in Clermont, Florida, leading and training leaders.


Dr. Leonard Hobbs

Published author and Associate Pastor for Elim Ministries in Orlando, Florida, earning his Bachelor Degree in Science from Rollins College, Masters and Doctorate from Faith Christian University. He is certified with the John Maxwell Team.


Dr. Dave Bush

Pastor, coach, and leadership trainer, as well as realtor and property manager. He has served at Faith Christian University over the years and made many lasting contributions. He is a certified speaker, life coach, teacher, consultant, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team.


Mr. Landers Hardy

Studied Communications Management at the University of Canterbury, Entrepreneur and Certified speaker, coach and trainer with the John Maxwell Team. Owner/Consultant/Trainer/Coach. Mr. Hardy greatly contributed to developing the online presence of Faith Christian University.


Bishop Gerald Doggett

Veteran of 50 years of ministry experience, he has touched many lives, including as lead pastor, mentoring, and guiding leaders. He is also a successful writer.


Dr. Nicoa Garrett

Bachelor in Criminal Justice, recently earned her Doctorate from Nova University in Conflict Resolution. She is also a speaker, trainer, and teacher with the John Maxwell Team. She believes in being influential for the purpose of impacting lives and adding value to others.


Mr. Tom Martinez
Extensive background as a former Military Intelligence Operations with the United States Army and former facilitator at Ana G. Méndez University, Metro/Orlando Campus. Tom is a coach, speaker and trainer at The John Maxwell Team, and a facilitator and business coach at DELTA Performance Group. His title is Business and Life Coach; Human Behavior Consultant and trainer.


Mr. Marcus Engel

Professional speaker and lecturer; studied at Missouri State University and Columbia University, Masters in Narrative Medicine. Guest professor at Notre Dame University


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