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There are five non-negotiable characteristics that every effective leader must have; a sense of calling, an ability to communicate, creativity in problem solving, generosity, and consistency.” – John C. Maxwell

Dr. Faith Fredrick
Founder and president of Faith Christian University, is Certified with the John Maxwell Team and serves as an Executive Director and member of the Presidential Council.

This is a professional development and leadership training program that will bring personal growth, drive your strengths and move you towards the accomplishment of your vision. It is a full Leadership program that focuses on developing the leader within you and become a person of influence. Grow out of your COMFORT ZONE and prepare to go to a new level of success. Learn to connect and communicate to create an environment of success. Our instructors bring many years of business and ministry experience. Most are certified by John Maxwell as a teacher, coach and trainer. The Leadership Institute is a 10 course/30 credit hour program and can be applied toward a degree at Faith Christian University.

“Growth and Development is the Highest Calling of Leadership.”
Christian Simpson, instructor at John Maxwell Online University

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1. What is the goal of the LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE? Our goal is that you will tap into the unlimited potential that is within you an develop the mindset and belief systems necessary t create the results you desire.

2. Who is the LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE for? Those who work and serve in any capacity of business or ministry. This program is designed for you.

3. Can I earn a degree? Yes, this a 30 credit hour program and can be applied toward a degree at FCU.

4. Can I attend without earning a degree? Yes, a certificate program is ​
offered and you can attend​ without meeting the requirements of the degree program.

5. Is this program available online? Yes, all the course lectures are available in a fully accessible online program.

6. Will my previous credits be transferable? Yes, transcript forms are available upon request. Call our office for a personalized consultation and academic assessment. Remember, ministry Experience can be considered for additional credits.