Frequently Asked Questions

Does FCU give credit for ministry experience?
Consideration is given towards ministerial experience credit to qualified individuals. To apply for ministry experience, email the FCU office at or call (888) 788-1367 and request these forms.

How do I become a student at FCU?
The first step in becoming a student at Faith Christian University is completing the brief Application Form and submitting the $50 application fee. Then, make your appointment with an FCU Advisor.  Upon approval, the student is notified and your Christian Education journey begins.

What are the degrees that FCU offers?
Click on the Degree Programs tab at the top of our Home page for information about our Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-Graduate Programs.

Does FCU offer a graduate degree program?
Yes, FCU offers both the Masters and Doctoral level studies. Read more about FCU’s Graduate Program under the Degree Program tab at the top of our Home page.

Why Study at FCU?

We Provide a Rich Learning Experience
By gaining knowledge of the word of God, students build their faith and receive understanding to equip them for service and the inspiration to empower them to fulfill God's calling on their life. 


We Provide Affirmation of your calling
FCU students become part of a community, a fellowship among like-minded individuals who have all answered their calling and are ready to serve God. At FCU, we provide our students with multiple opportunities for spiritual growth and affirmation of your call, which can be applied to your personal and professional life.


Programs with Purpose
At FCU, all of our programs are Christ-centered and serve a very specific purpose, which is to bring people closer to the Word of God, and one step closer to finding their true calling.


Unmatched Quality
All of the programs that are offered at FCU are carefully monitored for quality assurance to ensure their relevancy and authenticity.


Affordable Tuition Fees
One of the main reasons why studying at FCU is preferred by many of our students is because of our extremely affordable fee structure.




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