“. . .The Word of God is honored and the joy of the Lord is present.” – B. J. Pemberton

Think of it! Your personal computer will become the window to your spiritual growth and an unparalleled tool for developing your ministry call!

Let your computer become a window to your spiritual growth and an unparalleled tool for developing your ministry call!

Faith Christian University was founded in 1995 with a full Bible education and ministry training program to Educate, Empower and Equip men and women for their God-called destiny.

Now everything that has been available at the Orlando Main Campus and the many Extension Campuses in local churches across America is available at the FCU Online Campus.

Get access to a sample of a class by Dr. David Arnold.

Experience the Difference

The FCU Online Campus is very different from all other online programs. First, this is not a text-based program. Be brought directly into the classroom as you view the same dynamic, anointed Bible teaching and training taught at the Orlando Main Campus. You will be both enriched and inspired, as well as, reach your desired goal for any Bible college degrees, be it an Associate, Bachelor, Master’s and even a Doctoral degree – all online.

Classes include 12 – 45 minute lecture style class sessions and students have 30 days to complete all lectures, read the textbook(s) and meet all requirements for each course.


Schedule your own Bible college education. You do not have to leave home, your job, church or family to pursue the development of your Bible education and ministry call. Exams, syllabi and other resources necessary for the completion of each course is available online. The student has full accessibility 24/7, anywhere at anytime. This is a virtual mobile classroom!


Each class is three credits, and students have the advantage of making their own schedule and enrolling in each class individually. Students literally make their own schedule for their online Bible college degree. FCU staff support is available to offer information and encouragement. Classes are taken one class at a time with a time frame of 30 days to complete the class. Once completed, the student can proceed to register for the next designated class.


Tuition cost are among the most affordable anywhere. For information about the tuition cost and available discounts go to Tuition Fee Schedule.

Course Schedule

Courses will follow the program that will Educate, Empower and Equip students for their ministry call. A list of classes are available at FCU. The Academic Dean can provide a full listing of all courses that the student will need to pursue their academic and spiritual goals.

Application Processs

Complete the FCU Application and pay the $50.00 application fee. FCU accepts Visa and MasterCard (Debit or Credit). Once applications are reviewed and approved, students will receive an official acceptance letter and issued an ID and password to access the registration process and all other student and course related activities.


Each new online student will receive a full orientation as to how the FCU Online Program works, including accessing the classes, ordering textbooks, downloading the course syllabus, and taking exams. From the beginning, the student will receive full technical and staff support.

Academic Programs

All Academic Programs available at FCU are available online.

FCU Bible College Online Course

Online students can earn the same Bible college degrees that the other FCU campuses can earn. Degrees are offered in Bible and Theology, Pastoral & Leadership Ministry and Christian Counseling. These programs are accredited and very affordable and are available online, with no campus visits or residency requirements. Achieve your goals, earn your Bible college degree on your schedule …all from your computer.

Technical Support

Full technical support and academic support is provided to students throughout their course of study.

Get Started

The first step is to complete the Online Application and pay the application fee. Within days you can be approved, receive your ID and Password and begin your journey to receiving the life-changing Bible and ministry education you have been desiring.
Have a question not answered here? Email faith@fcu.edu or call 407-382-9477.

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